Would you like to purchase energy-saving fixtures, lighting, and equipment? We help you save money with enhanced rebates.

Enjoy your investment at a fraction of the price!!

We help you uncover savings through these rebate programs:

EmPower Maryland

DNREC Energy Efficiency Investment Fund

PECO Smart Ideas

New Jersey
New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program

Standard and Custom Measures

Lighting – Save up to 80%

  • New fixtures and retrofits
  • Interior and exterior fixtures
  • LED fixtures listed by ENERGY STAR® or DesignLights Consortium
  • Alternative lighting projects
  • High-output LED bulb – new fixtures, hard-wired lamps, and retrofits
  • Occupancy sensors and photocells
  • LED exit signs

Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) – We can inspect your equipment to determine if aVFD installation is feasible.

Kitchen Equipment – Enjoy cash incentives for upgrading to new, ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliances for food preparation.

Packaged HVAC – Take advantage of major savings. Hotel room controls are available.

Custom Measures (Alternative) – Some utility companies offer rebate incentives for improvements beyond the pre-defined prescriptive recommendations. These custom measures may include building envelope improvements, process redesign, advanced building management systems, and waste capture or reduction. You may be eligible for rebates of up to $0.50 per kWh for the projected annual energy savings in the first year.

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